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Air bags, or coilovers?

I have no experience with airbags as I prefer they remain in the Veedub scene :p but since I got my 328Ci in Jan 2006 I've had well over 30 sets of wheels and a lot of different coilovers (ST V1, KW V2/V3/Clubsports, TCK D/A, GC, Motons, Bilstein PSS10(dont recommend), FK 4300, JRZ RS and the current and FAR AND AWAY best are the JRZ RS-Pro; not a complete list).

Even aggressive offsets on 8.5/9.5 can be tricky, and coupes fit bigger wheels more easily IME.

I was unable to fit 18x9et22 and 18x10et18 even with perfectly rolled fenders pulled as far as possible. It wasn't until I actually had my fenders flared (cut, pulled, shaped, new metal welded in, etc) that I could fit them properly (the widest set I've tried since are 19x10.5et25 and 19x11et12 wrapped with PSS 265's/275's and running mildish camber of -2.3f and -2.1r).
I would strongly advise getting a set of Turner's adjustable rear control arms.
Less important but still a good idea are front camber plates, but from experience DO NOT SKIMP! It may cost $350-450, but there are some things that you just don't want to get from the bargain bin. Vorschlag has been consistently good, having gone from Stg1 to 2 to 3 etc, but haven't bought any in a few years.

I also would advise against "aggressive stretch" tire fitments, from experience. Not to brag, but my 06 M3 ZCP 6MT (and 328Ci, and to a somewhat lesser extent my 01 325i ZSP 5MT) has(/have) an extremely tight, nearly perfect suspension setup with the best parts available (having seen firsthand what cheap parts get you, and it's throwing away money). I have a separate track log book that records nothing but my alignment settings (before, during, and after), tires (make/model/sizes/miles/temps/etc), and my notes on each as well as the wheels (make/model/sizes+offsets/bare weight/wrapped weight), brakes (I've settled on AP Racing's top 6/4 monoblock setup, but the pads and rotors ie regular slotted/blank/j-hook, plus weights of each)...
Point being, I am constantly trying to improve my car as well as my driving, and there is almost a bell curve to tire width, except that the first slope is extremely gentle compared to the second, which is an immediate plummet.

I found, for example, on my TE37SL 19x9.5f/10.5r, that the absolute best overall widths for me are 255f 275r, which is enough to get the benefits of the stiffer sidewalls, but retains the "right" contact patch.
My friend, who as much as I love the guy doesn't seem to understand the difference between show and go, kept arguing with me about stretched tires (his belief was that you always benefit from more stretch), so I said let's swap wheels and settle this (his car is a, thankfully, cleanly modified E36 M3 GT35R with flared arches).
Not wanting to risk someone else damaging big money wheels, but also wanting to give him a set that I feel are "squared away", he was a bit disappointed that he didn't get my Volk's or LM's but like almost all of my street wheels they're 19's, so onto his car went a set of my DPE RO7-S 18x9.5f/10.5r with PSS 255f/275r.
Onto my car went the RPF01 18x10/10.5 (I actually sold them to him lol) with 235f and 245r Pirelli P-Zero's.

After 30min he called and sheepishly said "you win", lol.
The Enkei's have since worn PSS/P-Zero Corsa in 245-255f and 265-275r and he no longer is unable to use 1st thru 3rd, despite "just" 490rwhp/460rwtq.

I apologize for being preachy, I just would hate to see someone end up unhappy when I may have been able to offer my experience...
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