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Hi, i am very naive when it comes to car audio, so if someone could help me answer some questions that would be great.

I have already searched the forums to try to solve my problem but this is specifics i am looking for.

First off, I want to improve some loudness but more importantly, the sound quality of my sound system and want to upgrade my system.

I have read online here that it is better to get a 6.5" component setup and cut into the metal frame of the fron doors to increase sound quality, is this true?

I would like to buy a set of 2 way component speakers and i was wondering if i would have to buy a separate amp to power those speakers and what specifications i would have to look for in the components because i know the factory bmw amp sends out an unbalanced signal and idk if the ohms would get messed up if i hooked up just any pair of components.

My price range is about 200$ for the speakers and idk how much it would cost for a decent amp to power those speakers if i need an amp in the first place. I have read great things on these http://www.12velectronics.com/servlet/the-108/HYBRID-AUDIO-TECHNOLOGIES-IMAGINE/Detail
and these http://www.woofersetc.com/p6201/CTX6...ker-System.htm

and these: http://www.woofersetc.com/p6649/D662S--Diamond-Audio-65"-2Way-150W-Component-Speaker-System.htm


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