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Someone explain what that is on my windshield...

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On my windshield, when it gets fogged up, you can see like a residue of something. Everyone in my car has seen it, its like a bunch of huge ass numbers and coding and **** on the passenger side. Looks kinda like the paper with the options and sticker price and everything, but its not. It's like something from the factory that was left on my windshield for a while. It's weird though, you can't see a single trace of it unless the windshield is foggy. There is no stickiness or anything, its just like a bunch of numbers/shapes and stuff that :dunno: i can't make out that you can see when the windshield is foggy, any ideas?
(I know that was probably one of the most difficult descriptions you people have ever read, but bare with me, I don't even know how to describe the thing...its kinda just there)
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David328Ci said:
you try washing it off ?
Yeah, my windshield has been washed many times, inside and out. I've had the car for about 9-10 months now...
i got the same thing on my car and have tried washing it off i think its permanent or something :confused:
It's a problem afflicting many E46 windshields. Several people have been able to complain to their dealer and have gotten it replaced under warranty. Not sure if there is a TSB out for it or not.
I have that exact same thing!!! i have no clue what it is...and yeah, i only see it when my windshield is all fogged up. I've always wondered what that was...
Omnipotent said:
I have that exact same thing!!! i have no clue what it is...and yeah, i only see it when my windshield is all fogged up. I've always wondered what that was...
i have it too... maybe if i ever get a chip on the windshield, i will complain and have it replaced :pimpin:
OMG.. i SEE That too!!!!!!!!!!! damn..
I think M. Night Shyamalan would be very, very interested in this....

I hear he is researching it for his new movie..."Unbeaterable" from what I hear, it's about a young protestant boy, who suffers from visions of brittle-boned Bruce Willis'. The only way to usage these visions is to get into a BMW and drive in circles in cornfields...I heard the 3rd act wasn't finished....
i got the same shizzle!!! looks like a price tag or something...mine is 2xxxx i think its in euro
i see it in my car as well... i thought it's just residue left from some sort of sticker that they have inside the car when they ship it... perhaps we can try washing with vinager and see if that gets it out, not sure if it'll work tho, but i've try using window cleaner on it and it's still there...
just behave. :dunno: don't fog up your car?


oh, btw, I have that too
330iGt said:
Clean it with vinegar.
actually.. 50/50 water vinegar solution will be better.. 100% vinegar might be too strong:thumbup:
yea i have it too. It sucks
I though I was the only one

Ill call my service advisor and see if i can get it relpaced under warranty.

Let you know

yup... i have the "impression" of some alphanumeric tag on my windshield... in the lower center area...
and i can even see it without fogging up the windshield... just need the light at the right angle
maybe it's some sort of watermark...like the double benjamins on the hundred dollar bill. :)
ive got the same problem as well, it never really bothers me because im never in the passenger side of my car, well if you guys can get it replaced under warranty let me know. ill b*tch to them about just so i can take full advantage of the warranty, know what i mean.
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