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Fuggin' useless!

Back in December my salesperson told me my M3 would arrive in late March/early April. now it appears it's going to arrive in about a week. I asked to be informed when my vin was available so I could track it (just for fun) and get my loan in order.

A couple days ago, by pure coincidence, I looked at my order form and came across a number, which was a prod. # but was not labeled as such. Long story short, I punch it into the owner's circle and there's my vin. I realize some here would be elated to get their car a month earlier than they thought they would but who wants to get an M3 in Chicago in the middle of winter. My first "mod" is going to be snow tires?:banghead:

My home eq. loan wont be ready for at least 2 weeks. :ben:

Anyone w/a cb smg on order want this one and I'll take theirs - when it's warm out?:D
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