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2000 320Ci 2.2 vert MT
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making some maintenance to gasket, I periodically search for cracks/holes on the front windshield gasket on the upper part that contacts with the soft top cloth that lead to leaks inside the car.
I now suffer a little leak from divers side (that I think i solved...next chapter :p ) so I checked for holes.

I found that on the part I highlighted in red, both side of the car, the gasket is open on the rear. A regular cut, doesn't seems broken or similar. Identical on drivers side and passenger side, where I have absolutely no leaks. And I don't think that a hole in that position can be related to a leak, bebause water stops way before reaching that point.
Maybe this final part of the gasket, that is evidently different at first sight from the central part, is opened "by default"? Can someone check his vert for me?
(pic stolen from another thread).

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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