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I have been watching Keith Fenner videos on YouTube, and they are great.
I would suggest starting with the titled above, since this seems to be the dreaded problem that we all will face, hopefully only once.


While they are not directly E46 related they show proper machining and mechanical techniques, and wile most people on these forums don't have access to a tenth of his equipment it is useful to understand how it is used. These are the same processes used to make all the mechanical systems we enjoy so much, or at least hate paying a fortune to have repaired.

Also, it may save you a few bucks if you ever need to bring a part to a machinist, since hopefully you will be able to speak without sounding like a dope.

Good luck wrenching out there.

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Talk about a lot of unnecessary work. All you have to do is weld a nut to the busted EZ-out, heat up casting til it's red hot, and unscrew. Repeat with the other busted stud. I'm a machinist by trade and even I wouldn't do what he did.
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