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SSR may be softer than forged wheels from Fiske, HRE, iForge, and Kinesis. But they are plenty more durable than a lot of cast wheels on the market.

Since they are so light and only cost about $500 a wheel, don't plan on them being as strong as the heavier higher quality forged wheels from other companies.

They would most likely be a little less prone to bending as a set of Hamann, AC Schnitzers Type II or III's, or Breyton wheels.

Remeber, these were designed to be extremely light, so something had to given up (strength) in the forging process. For their price, weight, and strength, you can't get a better track wheel. If you are that worried, get SSR GT3's or a set of Volk LE-37.

Just my $0.02
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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