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Trax said:
After I posted in another thread about my fail safe transmission light coming on lately (the symbol with the exclamation mark on the dash) and going into "Limp Home Mode," I had a indi shop replace the tranny oil and clean the system. After 7 years of owning the car, first time it was chnaged. Well, that didn't solve the problem. Light still comes on. Took it to BMW. SA says could be any number of 5 things with the worse case senerio of replacing the tranny.

Car drives fine, no sounds or clunks when the light is not on. So, SA natually calls back and says yea, it's your tranny, gives us $5,000!! :argue: Yea, so is it really worth thier time to actually check for other possible causes, such as malfunctioning sensors or what have you? Do they just go for whatever fills thier pocketbooks? Granted it is 7 year old car with 88k+ miles. Seems kinda low mileage. Anyone have any insight?
Sorry about the Tranny- the only thing you could've done is change the fluids waaay earlier.
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