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Ask much as I dislike 'help me figure out what I screwed up' threads (especially ones with subjective descriptors), here goes.

I have an '05 M3 vert that I recently bought with 94k miles. I did a Koni Sport/Eibach Pro spring swap on all 4 corners. After the swap/alignment, I now have what feels like a slightly loose caliper on the front. Except they're both torqued to spec.

If I'm on a slope requiring holding car with the brake, after car rolls a few inches and I apply the brakes, I get that feeling of a loose caliper as something has repeatable play in it. I also get a bit of a tug on the steering wheel which makes me think I have a sticking caliper. But I rule that out due to exactly the same feel, every time and I wouldn't think a sticking caliper piston would be so repeatable.

No associated sound and can't feel it when coming to a stop from speed. Only when slightly crawling.

I didn't bust the ball joints loose to remove struts and did stretch the brake lines a tad. If one got internally 'crimped', do you think it would manifest itself with restricted flow thus imitating a stuck caliper piston? All strut tower nuts torqued along with the top strut nut so I don't think I have any strut/spring perch slop going on.

Appreciate the help, fellas. I'm on the verge of a 996 Brembo caliper retrofit so I'm stalled on brake disassembly to chase this down. On the fence to see if I still have it after replacing the calipers and adding the lightweight 2 piece ECS rotors.


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