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Having an older Bimmer means that you are limited in the way you can add equipment to your vehicle. I originally had the XM Delphi PNP (Plug and Play) receiver but I got sick of the commercials and the boring programming. Did a little research on the competition and after sampling their online streaming, I was hooked.

Rather than going out and getting the current PNP receiver I learned that a second gen model was out and got that one. Its called the Brix Streamer, and while its a little big, I really like it.

Recently, I opted to be a testbed for the Panavise Company, so I am testing the different components I received from Panavise and here is my first go.

Sirius Satellite Radio Install Pictures

There will be two more installments, one for Automatic transimissions and another for the telescoping windown mount - which I have installed right now, just haven't finished wiring it in as of yet.

One note - I originally had the Pro-Fit mount and combined with the XM mount, it shook way too much on less smoother roads. Panavise is much more sturdier and doesn't shake as much. I think that's due to the different angle and the supierior swivel mount compared to the XM mount.

Let me know what you think.

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