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I have just purchased a MY01 330cic. I would like to install Sirius and realize that my head unit is incapable. I have the following questions, should anyone be willing to answer:

1. Can I purchase an aftermarket Sirius control unit and receiver for use with my "old" head unit?
2. Will doing so require that I purchase a special adaptor?
3. Will installation of said adaptor inhibit use of an OEM CD changer?
4. If I decide to install an aftermarket CD changer that IS compatible with the adaptor, will I be able to use steering wheel controls to change CDs?
5. I have the crappy HK system and would like more bass, but not a whole lot. Has anyone tried to mount an 8" sub in the pass thru? My current stock "sub" is in a plastic housing which serves as the door to the pass thru.
6. Will connecting the front speakers to the new amp for the sub in the back increase volume of front speakers without increasing distortion?

I know these questions are pretty basic, but I don't have a clue about car audio. I've always had Bose systems the were decent to begin with.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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