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Hello, guys. I took my car to have the heater core replaced and then I stop using the car for weeks, or maybe once a month (engine issues). anyways when I use the AC on a hot day it works good, Cold although not ICE cold. but when the temp outside is about 66 F and the AC is set to 69 F, the air start to come out warm and specially on the driver's side. Most of the Heater valve failure result in hot air from the passenger side. Can it be that the 2 hoses that connect to the heater valve are connected opposite? another thing: my fan or compressor (what you hear when the AC is on) take a couple of second to achieve full speed. Kinda like a spool time, or maybe like a "turbo lag". Any thoughts? Freon is good, no leaks. thanks in advance guys, sorry for my english
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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