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silver grey and titanium silver

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I got these photos from other forums.. the silver grey one is from the toronto auto show and the titanium silver is from the LA auto show. Both are '04 coupes. I thought looking at them together helped me get an idea of what silver grey would look like if I saw it in person. Personally, I still like titan silver better.

I realize the lighting is different, but you can kinda see the difference btwn the two colors...

silver grey...

titanium silver...
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Derek330xi said:
i went to the toronto autoshow and the silver grey looks very nice! it kind of look like the shadow chrome colour on the concept m3 csl without the chrome effect
yo derek.. since u've seen the silver grey.. what does it look like in comparison w/steel grey? in pictures at least.. i think the silver grey looks LIGHTER than the steel grey.. making it just a shade darker than the titanium silver.. please gimme ur take on this.. thanks!! ;)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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