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Should I get coilovers or springs?

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I live in NY with VERY bumpy roads and I want to drop my car and get as much comfort as possible. I dont really care about handling or slamming my car. I just want to elminate most of the wheel gap and have a comfortable ride. I dont have money for coilovers the most I could get is PSS coilovers or springs with adjustable shocks. Should I just get HR springs and keep my shocks as long as possible or just get the PSS coilovers. I dont know how comfortable these coilovers are but all I can do is adjust the height. Any recommendations?
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spubar.... i live in boston,,,,quite possibly the ****tiest roads (age and weather) of any city...... got my HR springs yesterday..... am thoroughly satisfied with the ride.... not too bumpy....nice and flat through turns (not that I get to run thrgough many windy's up here). ...... the drop I'm hoping will settle over the next month....as of now it's not quite low enough for me
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