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Shipping wheels

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Some in norcal wants to buy my wheels and I'm in socal, therefore i gotta ship it. What is the cheapest way to ship it? I was thinking of getting cardboard and cutting a circle just enough to cover the front and back of the rim. Then Im gonna use those shipping fat clear tape to wrap it up. How much would it cost to ship it this way? Please help if you have experience in this. Gracias, xie xie and thank you!
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Try this link to how to pack them up, I shipped a set of wheels and wrapped the spokes with bubble wrap and also put extra bubble wrap in place of where the link says foam.

Try ups.com or federal express using their ground service
Go to their website for rates

An example of weight and size:

1 M68 wheel with tire is approx
46 lbs. size : 26 x 26 x 10

eddie from tireracks post on how to pack . . .click here
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Re: Re: Shipping wheels

330iGt said:

You can do it two ways.
One, (only for wheel and tires) you can cut out two cardboard circles and attach them to the box with tap. If going with this route, i'd highly suggest putting some bubble wrap on each side to protect the wheel and tire.

Second, Put them in boxes and pack them well.

Personally, do all that you can to pack them. An extra 10 bucks total isn't going to hurt you. Just don't be foolish and throw the wheels in a box with no padding, the wheels WILL get damaged like that. It has happend to a friend of mine in the past, and it's not a cool thing to do.
this is very good advice . . . if you ever watched a UPS person handle a package, they literally throw them around . . .

Wheels will no doubt get scratched up if you don't protect carefully . . .
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