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In the previous part, we have talked about the design and features of the Shark Rotator ZU632. This part will put this machine through some tests to see how much those technologies can help deal with common debris in households, and most importantly, whether it's the best Shark vacuum for pet hair.

Carpeted Surfaces

In order to test the vacuuming capability of the ZU632 on carpets, we used four types of debris for the test: split green peas, flax seeds, chili flakes, and powdered cheerios. Each of them was weighed and mixed together, then placed along a long line for the vacuum to pass over in a short period of time (10 seconds).

Results from the tests showed that the Shark Rotator ZU632 picked up a high percentage of the total debris (almost 99%). It performed as well as the NV752 on carpets, another great vacuum from Shark. As these two vacuums are similar, the tiny difference is likely to come from the designs of the cleaner heads.

Bare Floors

When you set the cleaning mode of the ZU632 to “Hard Floor,” you will notice that the brushroll slows down significantly even though it doesn't stop altogether. This means that the vacuum uses different speeds for different floor types, mainly not to damage the delicate hard floors.

The ZU632 picked up a little more debris than the NV752. This can be explained by the fact that the brushroll of the NV752 stops spinning during the “Hard Floor” mode while that of the ZU632 keeps running. A spinning brushroll may make users worry about their hard surfaces, but the brushroll of the ZU632 doesn't result in much scatter.

Pet Hair

To find out which Shark vacuum is best for pet hair and see how effectively the ZU632 can pick up pet hair on low pile carpets, we placed both short and long hair on a carpet before letting the vacuum run over it.

As the best Shark for pet hair, the ZU632 has a good performance when it comes to pet hair. And the best part about it is, thanks to the self-cleaning brushroll, there is little hair wrap. You won't need to clean and untangle the brushroll of the ZU632 as often as you have to do with other regular vacuums.

Edge Cleaning

This is just a small test, but an important one if you find that the edges along your walls get dirty too easily. We put chili flakes against a wall to see how the ZU632 could tackle this issue, and the test showed that this machine did quite well with edge cleaning. This is much better than inexpensive models like Shark Navigator Pet Pro or Shark Rotator Pet Plus.


The ZU632 is a bit louder than similar uprights from Shark, which may have something to do with its self-cleaning brushroll. We tested it by placing a sound level meter near the cleaner head of the vacuum and turned on the brushroll. In addition to the louder noise, the brushroll of the ZU632 also had a higher pitch when spinning.


The Shark Rotator ZU632 moves smoothly on both hard and carpeted surfaces even though it weighs around 16.2 pounds - slightly heavier than other upright vacuums. It's only lighter than the Dyson Ball Animal 2 - a similar upright for pet owners from one of Shark’s biggest rivals.

You will have no issue moving the ZU632 back and forth when cleaning your low pile carpets. The swivel steering design of this vacuum also allows users to maneuver it around furniture pretty well. And, of course, cleaning on tiled surfaces should have no trouble whatsoever.

Shark ZU632 vs. Shark NV752: What is The Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair?

Maybe because of the similarities in design and features between the ZU632 and the NV752, many customers are interested in a direct comparison between them. They are both upright vacuums that look very similar. But you can tell the NV752 apart thanks to the light on its handle. The power cord of the NV752 is also longer at 30 feet, while the Rotator ZU632 has only a 25-foot cord.

As we have discussed above, the biggest difference between these uprights is the self-cleaning brushroll, which is marketed as Zero-M technology, in the ZU632. It results in less wrapped hair around the brushroll, meaning less manual cleaning work for users after they're done with vacuuming.

The brushroll of the ZU632 also doesn't stop spinning totally in the “Hard Floor” mode like the NV752. This may result in some scatter here and there, but it also allows the machine to pick up more debris on bare floors.

The ZU632 is the newer model, which comes with some improvements and more advanced technologies, but it's still not a perfect alternative to the NV752. For example, Shark provides fewer attachments in the box when you buy the ZU632. This may put off a lot of customers who really like the mini motorized brush of the NV752. Your choice should depend on how you're going to use your vacuum.

If your house consists of mostly hard floors, just get the ZU632. It clearly outperforms the NV752 on bare surfaces, thanks to the advantages of a spinning brushroll. You may need to pay attention to your delicate flooring, though. If the brushroll of the ZU632 causes too many scratches, the NV752 is the better choice. It relies only on suction to pick up debris from hard floors, so there should be no scratch on your surfaces.

Pet owners also should think about the ZU632 as their first choice. The self-cleaning brushroll is a huge deal when you have a lot of pet hair to clean up. It may result in some loss in cleaning capabilities, but the trade-off is worth it as you won't need to manually clean the brushroll later. This is true for both hard floors and carpets.

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It’s really not wrong to call the Shark Rotator ZU632 the best Shark vacuum for pet hair. It's one of the rare uprights in the market that works well on both hard floors and carpets. The Zero-M technology and self-cleaning brushroll is an interesting design that can reduce a lot of time needed to keep wrapped hair away.

Like other Shark uprights, it also provides users with many cleaning modes so they can deal with all kinds of cleaning challenges in a household, from under furniture and automobile interiors to above-floor cleaning. There are some small issues that we wish Shark would fix in the future, such as the short power cord, but overall, the Shark ZU632 is one of the first models pet owners should consider when looking for a vacuum.

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Don't get one without the switch that flips it from Kline to DCAN.
I used a K-Line only cable (ie no switch) for years on my E46. It was only when I got dragged into also looking after an E87 and E60 in the family that I needed a switched cable with a D-CAN mode. But yeah, for the difference in price now you may as well get the one that gives you more options for diagnosing other BMWs too.

('course, when a mate bought an F series we found the switched cable was of no use there, as they use another protocol again)
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