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Well I guess this is kinda of a review on the shark for some people that have asked in the past couple of weeks.

Install was pretty easy for the most part. Follow the direction which are pretty much black and white. I did hook up a battery charger directly to the battery as requested. You will want to place a small mirror as directed on the floor under the shark to see the led's. One thing to note, they say to remove some fuses out of the fuse box located in the engine capartment. Well till today I noticed the fuse box is in the glove box so that was a mistake on there part. Other than that follow the steps and install should be a cake.

Now for the results. This review is based on only 5 miles of driving so far, take that into consideration as I am not sure if the shark is adaptive type software or if its just set in stone software. After install was complete a friend and I jumped in and grabbed a bite to eat. First, in non-sport mode it does feel a little bit smoother on the fuel curves. It does however feel alot closer as if sport mode was on. With sport mode on the car felt like it reved up smoother and faster. I don't think it made it any more sensitive throttle response wise which I am happy with cause sport mode can make you look like a noob in driving with an smg if you get the car to jerk when you take off. :eek:

All in all so far nothing but postive feelings on it. I don't know about the 9hp difference but then again I feel 9hp is kinda hard to notice on the butt dyno. I will be getting the borla installed tomm or friday morning and see what the final outcome is on the combo I have installed thus far, Gruppe M,Shark,Borla. Hopefully my buddy will have his dyno installed within the next couple of weeks and with it cooling down we can run the car and see if these company's are truely producing the gains they say they are.

Sorry for the long post and hoped it answered some of your guys questions that we have had on the boards recently about M3 software! :thumbup:

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i have it in my 03m3 did you do this

program the shark with what oct. gas you have. i use 93 if they program it for 93 instead of 91 or 92 you will see better perf. and
i did not ask but to they program the shark for a perf. intake to ?
but i do know you tell the dealer where you buy it what oct. you use and they will program it that way. you will see a better perf.
with the higher oct.
i like it in my 03m3 it is like a 2 sport button. and when you drive with out sport button. it feels like you have the sport button on.
then when you push the sport button on the car feels like it is
boost again like a 2 sport button. and my gas millage went up a little i notice to.
bobm3 :thumbup: :thumbup:
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