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shark injector for 325

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so what happened :confused:

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The difference is that there is no hp and torque gain from the dinan software! The conforti shark injector gives you both and works with your existing mods. I am waiting patiently for this to come out!!!:)
I just got this email...what do you guys think? Maybe we can do a group buy?


We do offer both the ecu upgrade and intake for your car. The ecu upgrade is good for a 12 hp at the wheel increase, better throttle response, rpm limiter is raised 300 rpm and the top speed governor is removed. We are currently running a special through the end of March, 10% ecu upgrades and free installation. The ecu upgrade is $495, so you would be saving about $50 plus cost of installation. If you want to set up an appointment to get either part installed please call 703.323.6000. Look forward to hearing from you.

Jeff Nanfelt
Sales Associate/Web Designer/Marketing
Autothority Performance Engineering, Inc.
[email protected]
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We should find out who is interested and I'd be happy to be the guinea pig since he is only 35 mins from my house. I emailed them about a group buy to see what they would do. I'd like to see some dyno's for our cars though.

1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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