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SERVICE ENGINE SOON light..tow it?

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Got in the car after sitting for about 3 days. Started it and it started "weak", puttering a little - basically running rough. Service Engine Soon light was lit. I shut it down, waited about 30 seconds and started it again. This time it started normal, ran great and no SES light was on. Drove it to the end of my street, and the SES light came on. Drove it home and parked it. Drove the wife's vehicle to work, where I am now...

- Should I chance driving it to O'Reiley's Auto Parts to get it diagnosed with the plug-in deally? Then, depending on what it is, drive it to the dealership about 30 miles away?


- Should I just get it towed to the dealership? Towing is free to me and it's still under warranty.

What are the most common SES activators??
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If you have a second car, buy a OBCII code reader or read it at O'Rielly's and post the code you read. Usually an E46 with an SES (CEL) is driveable.
almost anything can cause the SES light to come on. even the smallest things like not putting on your gas cap tight enough.doesnt mean the car is not drivable. and as far as the code auto zone will be able to read it. or someplace like a sear auto cente. that is if your local autozone is right around the corner.
my SES light has been on for a while now. just need to replace a stupid sensor
I don't think I would tow it. Just take it up the road to the auto parts store and get the code read first and then try to diagnose it further from there.
I'm driving with my SES light on because of a sensor that I haven't put on yet... My best bet would be the gas cap, or the o2 sensors.
Sounds good, I'll drive it to the parts store and get the code checked. Then prob drive it to the dealership tomorrow.

(I think the e46 has a dedicated "check gas cap" indicator lamp, so I don't think that's it, but I'll check anyway. The car just flipped 30k, so it might be an O2, but that seems a little early even for that.)

Thanks guys, as always!!
you have a warranty. use it to get sh!t fixed
If your car is still under warranty, why not just drive it to the dealership and let them taken care of it, 30 miles of driving distance is not going to harm your engine with the SES on.
If the gas cap is the problem, it'll throw EVAP('Evap'orative Emission Control System) codes..
But judging by symptoms, I'll bet on MAF or Camshaft Position Sensor..
I always say 'replace MAF and CPS' lol but they really cause few major problems.
Such as, engine stalls after rough start, CPS sensor(most likely intake side) causes it. MAF sensor could cause tranny malfunction, throttle trouble, etc...
But your ride is 06..It's too soon those sensors are causing problems. +1 for get codes, ask them to use OBD2 or Peake scanner if they have it.
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