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Ok the other night Friday to be precise was just about to reverse into a spot to park the car when I heard I snap and the gear stick went limp and was wafting about all over the place. Car was stuck in 1st gear at this point, and when moved you could hear a rattle.

Finally got it to a garage, they said it was the selector rod the 90degree pin had snapped, a friend of mine who is a mechanic repaired this pin put it back together. Anyone know of any decent replacements to the OEM part?

This now is where the issue is, reverse is a total nightmare to get into and the gear stick vibrates when in any gear, when it***8217;s in 4th, 5th and 6th it***8217;s so bad you have to drop speed to get back into 3rd.

I***8217;ve called him again and he said he will have a look at it however has no idea what it could be (he works mainly on *** imports etc) Now I found a thread on another site with someone who had a similar problem however no solution to his issue either. I***8217;m seriously considering taking to a main dealer now as I don***8217;t really know what else to do.

Any ideas would be great, the car is a 2004 320d SE Saloon (sedan) UK Version, this car has now officially caused me more ball ache than any other car I***8217;ve had and I***8217;ve even had a Fiat in the past! :banghead:
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