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Sooooo.... This is going to sound awkward. Back in 2008 when I still owned a E46 M3, I had some work done at active autowerke, I ended up paying for the work upfront but for whatever reason the cost was a but less and left a balance of $293. Instead of having the money applied back to my card I had them keep it as credit (I still dont remember exactly why I even did this), I believe I was going to return for more work and left the balance for them to apply it towards that. I never did end up purchasing anything though Active (they do have great service and awesome products btw). It wasnt until 15 minutes ago when someone brought up my old E46 that I remembered about the credit.

I did call Active a few minutes ago to verify that I can still use the credit, and they are willing to help me transfer the credit to someone else if they purchase something.

So here is the deal I can offer someone. I will give up my credit for $175 so you will get a little more than $100 off of anything you purchase through Active.


Rescinded after finding out they sell some parts i can use on my new project car.
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