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Sealed Trunk

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OK guys I can't seem to get enough bass in the cabin and it sux. It really pisses me off that I spent 600 bucks on this and i can't even get enough sound to go in the cabin.

I have 2 10inch Apline Type Rs. I aimed the subs upward towards the rear speaked and have the amp on the box facing the trunk.

I moved my subs around and that seems to be the best way to get most of the sound in.

I don't have a ski bag or fold down seats. What can I do to get some more bass :(
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I'm using a Kicker KX500.2

Its running at 4 ohms. The amp is rated at 705w max
Its 500watts x 1 briged at 4 ohms. So I did series/parallel with my subs to get 4 ohms with 1 channel becuase they are dual voice coils 4ohms. I can do stero and get 2ohms for each sub but I bridged the subs together to get 4 ohms. So I got 500watts going to 2 subs in bridged mode.

My RMS for my subs are 300watts

I bridged that amp to get 4 ohms which I would get 500watts x 1 @ 4 ohms.

When I got the amp in the box it was certified at that max power of the amp is 705watts. The amp is under rated.
What the 2 10s sound like is the whimpy subs in the HK system thats how bad it sounds ok.

I can feel the bass more than I can actually hear the base. Thats how bad it really sucks. Man I wished I got the fold down seats option.

Yes its in a sealed box. Bought it from circuit city. Yes it meets the recommened from Apline. I later on might build another box.

Well i faced it towards the trunk and it sounds the same. Then I aimed it up and it seems like I hear a little more bass that way.

I'll try cutting out the middle there. What should I use to cut the ski bag hole there.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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