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Hi, just wondering what everyone thinks about their screen. I had an alpine cva 1005 flip out in my old e36. However I wanted to flush a screen in my dash for my e46. Does anyone know if the cd changer can be moved to one of the lower compartments(above the shift know) and put a screen where the cd and climate units were. or I was thinking of taking out the compartments below the climate control out, and having the screen there. However I think the shifter might get in the way.

anyone have any pics of their flip out screen, or their in dash screen?
any suggestions?



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the headunit will not fit down in the lower dash. The screen will flush mount, if you get somebody good to make a nice kit. AV Art in Gaithersburg, MD is doin that to my car as we speak. I will post more pics tomorrow night. Hopefully they will be done by then.
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