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Screeching/Squealing sound from Steering Wheel

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Hey guys, I have a quick question:

The other day my car started giving me a screeching/squealing sound whenever I turn my steering wheel to the right and left, I know it's not my power steering fluid because I checked the level and it's fine...

Any ideas on what the sound is coming from?....Maybe a belt or something?

Any help would be much appreciated thanks!
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You start with 'maybe a belt' or something...as in maybe also a pulley.

You can take a hose about 4' long and stick one end in ear, other around different pulleys...check all pulleys on accessory belt..while someone else turns the wheel, you listen and locate.

You can get right on the sound with the hose (or stethoscope if you have one).


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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