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Scratch Removal

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Hi....my friend's STUPID friend apparently leaned on my car and probably RUBBED AGAINST IT the other day, and scratched it up somewhat good.
I'm still pretty pissed, because it looks like it left some abrasions and some minor clearcoat scratches.:banghead:

What I'm asking about now is, what can I do to get these scratches out, barring wetsanding the crap out of it?

Does Meguiar's Scratch-X or any of the other products work? Because I really dont know if I could afford getting it fixed at an auto detailer...:banghead:
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Took mine to a body shop to see what it would cost to have it buffed out. He pulled it in the shop buffed it out and told me to remember him if I ever needed anything else. I was happy to me anything free is great.
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