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Hey San Diego peeps (over 18),

I am hosting a presentation Thursday night at 7PM about a weekend class that was recommended to me by the guys at Ignition Solutions. The actual presenter will be Ulf Arens, president of Ignition Solutions, and it will be held at his house in Scripps Ranch. Ulf referred me to this class when our business was much smaller, and it has had a huge impact on both my business and my personal life. Much of the success of Ignition Solutions has been attributed to things learned in this class, and since I took it, BFP's revenue (and my personal income) has grown tremendously. The company that gives this class does not advertise, and it has become sort of a "good ol' boys club" for people who are success-oriented to maximize their potenital. They have these classes all over the country, as well as Canada and Japan.

This isn't a "Tony Robbins" bull$hit thing... it's a serious program for people who want to take their skills to the next level. Most BMW owners I know are of this mindset, so I thought this crowd would like to learn about the class.

If anyone is interested, respond to this thread or PM/Email me ([email protected]) for directions and more info. The presentation is free, lasts about an hour, and food/drinks will be provided. For those of you who know me personally, drop me a line anyway!


Dan Bennion
858.344.6542 (cell)
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