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Ok guys i have a couple codes coming up when i scan my car and it hasn't been driving how it should. it acts like its gonna die as im stopped it also has a rough idel it should sit at like 600rpm's but it drops below 500rpm's and when i turn on the A/C it seems to help till i start driving again. I just got done doing a bunch of work to my car so I don't really know what it could be. I've changed the ccv system new intake boots new camshaft position sensors spark plugs coils just cleaned out the gas tank replaced fuel filter did all my vacuum hoses rebuild the vanos i put a new disa valve in so I don't really know what it could be someone please help

These are the codes it gives me

E4 fuel trim bank 2, permissible range exceeded

E3 fuel trim back 1, permissible range exceeded

CA fuel trim bank 1 ctrl limit

Cb fuel trim bank 2 crtl limit

41 signal, inlet-camshaft sensor

EE misfire cyl,1

F2 misfire cyl, 5

F0 misfire cyl, 3

F3 misfire cyl, 6

EF misfire cyl, 2

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Appears to be a Lean condition and a intake cam position sensor or sensor circuit problem.

Vacuum leaks, fuel pump, cam position sensor unplugged or wiring problem, counterfeit MAF.

What OBDII tool or software are you currently using?

OBDFusion is a much better option for driveability issues. Less than $30 for the App and interface. Get the VeePeak interface from Amazon, Android requires Bluetooth, iProducts requires Wifi.

Smoke Test to find air leaks:

Cheap fluid transfer pump from your local auto parts store or Amazon.

A few rubber gloves, rubber bands and some cheap mini cigars from our local gas station or convenience store.

Also get a good, bright LED flashlight to locate the escaping smoke. Look deep in the engine compartment and under the engine if needed. Do not forget the dipstick guide tube and the lower CCV oil return line. These areas may be hard to see from above in the engine compartment.

After looking for intake air leaks, remove the oil fill cap and allow the crankcase to fully fill up with smoke, then replace the oil fill cap. Check for cracks in the valve covers and leaks around the grommets, half moons and around the perimeter of the valve cover.
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