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Have been visiting this site for awhile.:thumbup:
This is my first post. Anyway, I have a sedan with sport susp. Wondering if I lower my car, will it rub (+/- passengers in rear)? I have 18x8.5 with ET 35 and 235/40/18 all around. Thanks. I was considering either HR sport or Eibach Pro.

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Have you guys tried getting your fenders rolled??maybe that will solve your problems...

mfino said:
I'm having a hard time finding a place that will do it. On average, what do people spend to get their fenders rolled?

Try calling some of the performance shops out there where you are and see if they recommend any shops to do it. But worst comes to worst..you can always make it a DIY the LBR way. LBR stands for low budget racing. HAHA. Inside joke with bay area folks. Anyways, it's pretty easy to do it yourself. It's not as professional if it was done at a shop where they have the right equipment. But all you need is a heat gun, wooden bat(it's best), floor jack. Make it a real short DIY. Jack car up, take wheel off. Use the heat gun to warm up the fender lip. Do not place the heat gun too close the the car/paint. It will cause it to bubble. Place it about maybe 8 - 12 inches away and work it up to where the fender lip is slightly warmer than warm to touch, but not sizzling hot. Then you simply apply the wooden bat here to roll in on the lip. Do this slowly and sections at a time. Do not try to roll the lip too fast as it will crack the paint. Remember, roll it slowly and take your time. If the lip cools down, use the heat gun to warm it up again. Warm paint on the car is more flexible than a cold paint. Then just repeat the process until you can roll no more. And then do this for the other rear side and you're done. Hope that helps. I know a lot of the members here dont agree about doing this yourself. But hey, if you can't find a place anywhere in your area and you're desperate, go for it. As for me, I had my bodyshop do more than just rolling. They shaved the fender lip off mines and repainted it. So, it depends on how far you wanna go and how much you wanna spend. Happy modding.


P.S. Some places charge about 50 bucks or so for each fender lip.
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