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I had replaced my front lower control arm bushings about 2000 miles ago, with PowerFlex bushings. I wanted to replace my RTABs too before getting an alignment. I am replacing with Bav Auto Urethane bushings (

This is for a 2003 E46 Convertible. Yours may be slightly different.

Tools/materials needed:
18mm socket (with an extension) to remove the three RTAB mounting bolts
A second 18 mm socket or box wrench to remove the one RTAB center bolt
10mm socket to remove the one brake line bolt
17mm socket to remove lug nuts
Torque wrench
Floor jack
Jack stands
Block of wood, about 8" long
A little anti seize
Three hours of time

Torque #s:
Bracket center bolt (81 ft-lbs)
Three bolts holding bracket to car (57 ft-lbs)

1. rent yourself this tool. I got mine here:

2. Jack up and support your car.

3. Before unbolting the RTAB bracket, carefully unclip the wiring that runs along the trailing arm, and unbolt the 10mm brake-line bracket.

4. You'll want an alignment after this job, but try and re-install the bracket as close to aligned as possible.

5.With the arm extended, you're ready to remove the old bushing.

6. old and new bushing

7. install the new bushing

8. re-installing the bracket

9. Finishing the job.
If you're installing rubber bushings you'll need to position the bracket (search for "RTAB preload") when tightening the center bolt (18mm). If not preloaded correctly, the bushings will be twisted under load and fail prematurely.

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Good DIY. Yeah even if you mark and mimic the old position perfectly, you need an alignment for sure. No way around it

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For the bushing removal, it was possible to do this using a combination of pieces from the Koch tools used for the differential bushes. I had these tools but not the RTAB tool, and it worked. I put in Meyle HD bushes - these are a split bush and need to be compressed using a C clamp. Other than that, I followed the steps of the OP.

I was recommended to use rubber bushes with the RTAB limiters, rather than poly. This is for an HPDE car. I’ll report back later.
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