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Hey everyone, I recently bought a 2004 330xi with 166,000 miles on it back in June. I live in Florida and have from the beginning experience slight rough idling the mornings. I haven't had much time to truly dive into fixing the issue since it goes away after 15-20 mins of driving, however today with it being 44 degrees in this morning, the idle got even worse and 5 minutes into my drive the car stalled twice and even lost power as if it was only running on a few cylinders. I pulled over, checked the fluids to see if I could see any visual signs of the issue under the hood (none), started it back up and it ran normal, with the usual slight rough idle until its driven for about 15-20 minutes which then it goes away and purrs like a kitten.

I've read up on this issue already and have read that it could be I need to replace the VANOS seals, the manifold adjuster seal, or some other vacuum issue. I did recently get the computer scanned for the check engine light and got codes a bunch of codes including P0171, P0175 which I guess are vacuum leak issues.

I'm already planning on replacing the VANOS seals, valve cover gasket, and manifold adjuster seal next weekend. I'm just seeing if anyone else with experience with these kind of issues might have any other suggestions or input for me. Thanks!
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