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Hello Forum Members :bow:
:read: As The Title Suggests Im One Of Those Typical Newbies That Cant Hook Up Some Basic Cables Following Numerous Guides :cry:

Anyway To The Point, Ive Searched Around Heaps For Any Right Hand Drive Wiring Guides To Help Me Set Up Some Angel Eyes, But To No Avail :banghead:

My Questions :tsk::
Im Really Confused As To Which Positive Terminal I Should Attach The Cable (Harness) To. Incase I Blew Up Some Electronics Or Set Off The Airbags xD I Came For Advice! Attached Pics Is What Im Working With :rofl:

Could That Potential Ground Nut/Bolt (Next To The Black Plastic Case) Be Alright To Use? Should I D/C The Battery In The Boot (Stereo Code Reset?)?
This Thread (RHD Remote On/Off Trigger) Utilizes Footwell Lights, But My 2004 318i Didnt Come With Any :clap:
Could I Tunnel Through Any Other Places (Possible Parking Lights Through LCM)? Those DSC and Other Stuff Are Blocking The Way and The ECU Is On The Opposite Side :yikes:

Just Ordered (In Transit) Some Cheapo AE To Trial, Shipping To New Zealand. I Wanted To Research and Make Sure What I Need To Do So I Can Jump Right On It As It Comes Through The Door :idea:

Following These Guides: :eek:

Appreciate Any Help On This :facepalm:


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That was....ridiculous to read. :banghead:

You can wire the trigger to your interior light, it should work the same as if you were wiring to the footwell lighting. It's just easier to do the footwell because its on the other side of the firewall to where the battery is - nice and easy to fish the wire to.
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