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How are we all doing?
Welcome to the e46 RHD turbo build. For too long has there been a blanket of information about turbocharging a RHD model of these cars, and if you did you always missed out on something. Often it is the AC, or you cant fit a full 3" dump. Some even going as far as to cut the frame rail to fit the dump. This will be a build were I navigate the slanted 6, and give my car some much loved FI. This car will be a daily so the AC has to stay in no matter what.
The Car:
A 2001 325ci Auto. Most importantly it is up to date on all its maintenance. Its a healthy engine that doesn't consume a drop of oil. (It has an M52tub25 swapped in, not the original M54b25. It is running the MS43 DME and all m54 accessories.) It has had a cooling system overhaul. Brakes are in good shape and there are no bushings on the car that appear to be perished. Subframe reinforcement is a concern, but i'm going to roll with it for now.
The Mods:
Currently it has some mods already performed to aid with the turbo conversion. I have installed an M50 manifold, regretfully I later found out its a B20 manifold not a B25, O'well.
I have installed a catch can system with check valves in place so boost can't leak into the crank case. Although i'm thinking of changing how i've done this later.
I have preformed a very nice wire tuck, that makes me very happy to pop the hood. :)

Disclaimer I Don't have an unlimited budget for this build, so in some areas parts will be substituted for second hand, or lesser known/unbranded parts. This will be to save costs. However, overall I will try not to sacrifice the quality of the build. If a part is needed that can't be substituted, i will have to go for it.

Since there is a lot of information out there on other turbo builds i will focus less on the general turbo stuff and more on the RHD specialized parts. The differentiating part of my build is the hotside. I will be top mounting a GT3582R ("Expensive" china spec) off a custom stainless manifold, i will then run a custom 3" dump off the turbo down the the floor. Navigating the steering column, engine mount, and AC lines isn't an easy task. To do it i will be using many pie cuts. I'm hoping they will give a tight enough bend and enough flexibility to achieve it. I'm going to attempt to retain the stock AC lines and AC compressor. If i need to i will make a custom bracket to physically drop the compressor down by an inch or two. Else I'm pondering an electric compressor.
Plan is at the moment to build a steady stable system running at 7 Pounds of boost. Stock head, bolts, and internals.

Parts list: (May change as time goes on)
Siemens Deka 60lb injectors
AreoFlow 340LPH E85 Compatible fuel pump
Stock filter and FPR
Stock Rail
Custom manifold
Custom 3" Dump
44mm Wastegate. Currently looking for a second hand one, else I will buy a generic one for mocking up placement.
E46 M3, twin 2.25" section two
e46 M3 OEM backbox (It will be debaffled for extra noise)
Spare Wheel well will be cut out to accommodate the back box
A chinese GT3582R turbo charger. With a 2.5" rear V-Band.
2.5" tubing run from turbo to intercooler
3" run from intercooler to manifold
300mm x 600mm x 3" intercooler
Nissan 350Z slot style maf (22680-7S000)
AEM X series wideband. Prosport series electric boost gauge
Two step colder sparkplugs
1/8bsp oil T and feed. Tapping off the pressure sensor.
10an oil drain. welded slanted down, not flush with the pan, to ensure no oil drainage issues.

I have just ordered all the pipework for the exhaust so work will begin on that as soon as it arrives. It will be a tight fit but i'm very keen to see how she goes.

How do people recommend I do my CCV? I currently have a checked catchcan, so underboost the crankcase has no where for its gases to go. Don't really want it to blow a seal. I'm hesitant to run an atmosphere setup as i don't want an oil smell in the cabin. Run it into the mouth of the turbo?
BOV or nah?
People who have boosted these before how does the autotrans hold up? i've heard it does some funky stuff when the maximum torque value is exceeded.
Will e85 dissolve the stock fuel filter?
I've got a fair bit of experience tuning the MS43 at this point, but not enough to comfortable make my own boost tune. For those that have tuned the DME's where do i begin to start making a tune? What tables do i use to increase fuel, adjust ignition?
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