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Back in March, I needed new tires, and decided to go All-Season because of intended double duty in Florida and North Carolina.

Much to my dismay, Gary at TR – super patient – didn't have any matching set of all-seasons in my sizes (225/35R19 and 255/30R19). So after some research, I decided on Toyo Proxes 4 Plus and had them installed by a local installer TR recommended.

1. Supplier: (tiresdirect.net out of Chicago, $760 total) A+. Excellent pricing, very fast and free drop-shipment to installer, tires new (checked production dates).

2. Installer: Alex Professional Tire Service in Deerfield Beach, A. Nicest guy. He has only two bays and no lift, but does a great job, inexpensive (prix fixe - zero surprises, love it!), careful, fast, pleasant. No waiting area, so be prepared to hang out in the parking lot or bring a beach chair.

3. Tires: A+. Five months and 5.5k miles later, I'm a fan. Granted: I had Bridgestone run-flats before, so basically my car rode on seasoned oak disks with steel rings before, not unlike an ox cart.
NVH: Quiet in comparison to the Bridgestones. Needed barely any balancing, one wheel had lost a weight a few weeks later, so the installer re-balanced all four for free. Smooth rolling, no harshness; for size and profile pretty good in handling uneven and bumpy pavement.
Wear: very little wear so far, both front and rear, and evenly.
Rain: excellent, which in SE Florida in summer basically means you got waders. Minor aquaplaning once, with unreasonable speed on flooded asphalt.
Snow/Ice: n/a.
Grip: dry and also wet very good. Have yet to be able to break the rear loose on dry pavement in my favourite corners.
Cornering: not dedicated summer tires, given, but IMHO astonishing for all-seasons. Without driving the same car back to back with other tires, I am hard pressed to find something to complain, or even to niggle about.

I will update this post again later down the road, as I rack up more miles.
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