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I purchased RTAB Limiters from Swift Motorworks a few months ago (before they were a forum sponsor). For those who don't know what RTAB limiters do, they limit the amount of torsion placed on the RTABs. The RTABs on the e46 and many other BMWs are known to wear quickly because they have to deal with a twisting motion (imagine the wheels having free lateral play along the axis of the rear axle). The limiters act as shims to prevent this and save the RTABs from some abuse, while also keeping the rear alignment in check while cornering. I was replacing my RTABs because the rear end felt loose under hard cornering, especially with mid-corner bumps.

There's a local backroad with a hard right turn with a manhole cover midway through that would always catch my driver's side rear wheel and seemingly throw the backend of the car and upset the suspension mid-corner. The only way to describe it is as the rear suspension and alignment being 'loose.'

My first impressions were that the pieces were well made. They seem to be made out of Delrin, which is commonly used to make 'solid' bushings. It's an extremely hard and durable polymer. The parts seemed to be machined consistenly. They also are countoured to fit in the RTAB mounting bracket nicely.

SMW recommended to grease them with lithium grease prior to installation. This prevents binding and any squeaks that arise. The limiters sandwich the RTAB after it has been pressed into the trailing arm and the 3 pieces (2 limiters per side and the trailing arm) get pushed into the RTAB mounting bracket. I opted to use the floor jack to help push everything into the bracket, while using the mounting bracket location to press against - not pressing hard, but just enough to coax everything into position. Everything fit like a glove. No drilling or any permanent modifications, unlike Turner Mortorsports' kit.

After the limiters were installed, there was an immediate difference in handling. The rear end feels a lot more planted through corners and the rear suspension isn't upset by mid-corner bumps. The notorious manhole cover is still noticeable, but the car now takes it in stride. The limiters have been in for 20k miles, give or take, without any squeaks or rattles, and the rear feels just as tight as the day they were installed.

The limiters seem to be well made and have held up to my hard driving without any squeaks or perceptible deterioration. The price was also extremely competitive. $40 compared to TMS at $90. The TMS kit uses aluminum shims and requires drilling. As far as Delrin vs. aluminum, I would think that Delrin would be a better suited material for this application. In my opinion, the SMW kit is a bargain and does the job perfectly well.

Big thanks to Drew over at Swift Motorworks for the parts and installation advice! I highly recommend this kit for anyone doing an RTAB job. Let me know if you have any questions :hi:

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