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Hey Fanatics, I have a '00 323ci CABRIO and I have a dilemma.

My speakers (all Infinity Kappa) were installed by Best Buy (yes, I know....) and the bottom line is that their work is piss poor.

My rear left 4" is blown and the front left crossover is shot. I believe it's 52.3 and 42.3, respectively.

Well, Infinity is dicking me around on the warranty, I even said just give me the credit towards components, and I'll buy your components and ship all 4 speakers (2 good, 2 defective) back to you.

I've yet to hear back.

I also am using a p.o.s. Jensen 4 channel amp until my Pioneer comes back from the shop. This in itself has taken 5 months. I will never buy a piece of Pioneer electronics ever again.

I have a 10" self-powered bazooka in the small ass trunk.

Any ideas for what to put in my door? I think 5¼ fit without any modifications and I'm guessing I have the same doors as a coupe, it's just the rear that's different.

I might just put my one HK 4" in the rear left for the time being but I want to replace the 5¼ 2 ways in my front with a set of components (5¼ and a 1" tweeter).

I also don't want to spend too much because I just found out my company is not giving out Christmas bonuses. I'm assuming I'm looking upwards of $200. Keep in mind I just want something that sounds good and is able to handle my Pioneer 4 channel (50x4 I believe) and not melt like these Infinity's.

Also, someone with good customer service would be ideal.

I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance people.:thumbup:
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