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Hi all, first post on here for a long time. I am going to be doing the following work on my 325ci Coupe this weekend

1. Replacing the front lower control arm bushes with Powerflex
2. Replacing the front tie rod ends
3. Replacing the rear trailing arm bushes (front, upper and lower)
4. Replacing the rear drop links

I am trying to source the parts for the RTABs. I have sourced powerflex replacements for the front bush of the RTA but need to source the upper and lower bushes too (part numbers at BMW 33 32 6 775 551 ). BMW want £120 for all 4 bushes which in my opinion is steep as they are only small things (with a big impact on handling, I know). Can anyone recommend a good reseller in Kent or online? Euro Car Parts don't seem to stock them.

I also need to source the tool for the bushing removal replacement and there was a good source on eBay for around £165. There are no more at that price. Considering I would only buy this for the one job it's a bit much to shell out the £250 upward for the tool so was wondering if anyone had one to sell or would rent to me for the weekend? I'm based in Rochester, Kent and could really do with this tool as I'll be doing the work on axle stands rather than in a proper garage so any help to make the job easier would be welcomed !

Thanks all !

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