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Replacement piping......

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Does anyone know if someone manufactures some sort of pipe to replace the rubber tube between the maf and the engine?


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BMWDon said:
You're talking about the rubber tube between the maf and the throttle body, only once replacement I've ever seen is the injen intake system available now, they include a replacement tube, don't know the diameter difference inbetween the oem rubber vs. the injen, that would be the only reason I see getting it. It is ribbed on the outside, but the interior wall on the oem rubber is smooth I believe...not 100% sure.
Actually, the OEM one has a ridge towards the end. I got CF piping from my old Monsterflow intake, but I don't think that you would want to pay $200 just for CF piping considering it's such a short pipe.
I got the Monsterflow filter at Wheelpower. But I don't think that it's made for the E46. It did not fit properly, and I used a plastic piece that was part of the stock piping to make it fit properly. I also had to saw off about 1/3 of the piping to make it fit. Save your money for the Gruppe M and keep the stock piping. I only put it on cause I had it lying around my garage after I bought my Gruppe M, but if you wanna have the same setup as me you would have to spend $700 on an intake. :yikes:
rkaufman said:
I am part of the current group buy for gruppe m's, but I wanted to make the entire intake and all piping carbon fiber.
Well, if you really want to get the CF piping, call Monsterflow and see if they will sell you only the piping. I paid $285 for the Monsterflow filter and the piping.

Here's the number: (619) 421-FLOW
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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