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Hey everyone,
My 2002 330ci's driver-side doorlock has been having problems unlocking for over a year now. I finally got some time and decided to fix it, since it annoys my wife to no end (didn't really bother me haha).

Symptoms using keyfob or central locking.
consistently, driver-side & passenger-side doors lock
driver-side never able to unlock (can hear an electric click/sound/motor, but no unlock). passenger side unlocks

Reading up posts here, I diagnosed it as a problem with the lock/actuator. I ordered the part from getbmwparts. I followed this howto http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=600213 << VERY helpful.

However, when I plugged it all back in, with the brand new part installed, following to the tee, the same problem is happening, stated above.

What in the heck? I'd like to get my door working properly... Anyone got any tips or bright ideas?

BTW, just in advance of questions, no I did not check error codes to see if the GM5 is misbehaving...

Thanks a bunch,
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