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So I have found a guy on Craigslist selling a brand new still in the packaging remus exhaust (just the muffler) for $400 and I'm very tempted to go pick it up today. From what Ive been able to read Remus used to offer a few different types of exhausts for the e46 (Wildlabel, powersound) but now all they offer is the powersound found here, https://www.remusexhaustshop.com/product/remus-wild-label-exhaust-muffler . I had the guy on CL send me a picture of the part number and only the numbers after the hyphen are different but that would make since since one's a "powersound." When i google the part number of the CL muffler i can find a few retailers that sell exactly what this guy on CL is selling but can find no reviews for it. Here are the other retailers;



So i guess what im asking is what would you do in my situation?_a_
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