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Recently replaced my driver seat with a replacement I found at a part out because my heated seat wasn’t working. The donor car had no power even with the battery installed. I don’t really see too many posts with pictures about this but I figured I’d share my approach to this.

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Since the donor car was getting junked the owner allowed me to cut his front seat connector. There are three fat wires, two brown and one red for my E46. I twisted the two brown cables together.
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So I hacked the connector to look something like this. I added black 18 gauge wire as an extension because I wasn’t able to cut a longer portion of the plug. Pretty much from here you reconnect the plug back into the seat, and in my case I used my car battery with jumper cables to power the twisted brown negative and the red positive. You can now adjust the seat to get to the two nuts and bolts to remove the seat.
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