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First off my car is a 2000 323ci

I was trying to rewire my halos today, and did it like I read here, run hot to the red/white/yellow dot wire, and the remote to the passenger footwell light,(Also have power run to positive terminal, Fused). The reason for this is because the previous owner had it spiced into the brown, and blue/brown wire for the passenger front turn light, the harness is tapped into right by the washer fluid tank. They worked this way but did not get bright and would only work with the running lights on, they are led but only barely glow, however they do flash with the lock and unlock, and flash a lot brighter then when they are running.

Now the new halo wiring set up did not work, and now my remote lock stopped working somewhere along the way. I put the wiring for the halos back to the original set up, and still no remote lock function, and the halos are running even dimmer now. The interior lock button works fine, so I know the locking mechanism is working, and if i lock the car by the key, the remote unlock will work, but with no flash of the signal lights, or halos like it used to. Oh and the trunk pop still works fine as well. So anybody know what could be making the remote lock not function, as well as the lights flash. The running lights and headlights all work normal, besides the running light/tail light flash for lock/unlock, so not sure if its a programming issue or maybe something else could be screwing with it.

Thanks for any advise anyone can give, im stuck here..
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