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Did any one receive a recall for E46 M3.....here is a message from Dealer communication System Message:
Service Action: E46 M3 S54 Connecting Rod Bearings Replacement

E46: M3 coupe/convertible with S54B32 produced from 02/12/2001 up to 05/22/2003

The connecting rod bearings installed in M3 coupe/convertible vehicles produced from February 2001 through May 2003 were not manufactured to BMW quality standards. As a result, the connecting rod bearings are susceptible to overheating and subsequent premature failure if vehicles are driven at higher engine speeds over an extended timeframe. This condition will cause a total engine failure.

A Service Action will be conducted on those vehicles to replace the connecting rod bearings. Additionally, the engine control module will be programmed with the latest software. Customers will be mailed letters notifying them of the Service Action shortly (copy of letter, Q & A list are attached).

The M3 vehicles produced from October 2001 through February 2002, which already had the Connecting Rod Bearings/Oil Pump Campaign 356 (SIB11 02 03) previously performed, are also affected by this Service Action.


All M3 coupe/convertible vehicles equipped with SMG transmission affected by this Service Action Campaign are also in the range of the Service Action # 423: Reprogramming of the SMG Control Module with DIS CD 39 (SI B23 05 04). Make sure that both Service Actions are performed during the same service visit.

To minimize the customer inconvenience caused by this Service Action, you may pick-up (and deliver after repair) the affected vehicle from customer's home and provide appropriate alternative transportation.

Customers will be impressed when you return their cars cleaned inside and out and with a full tank of gas. Reimbursement information for the vehicle fueling and valet costs may be found in the Warranty portion of this bulletin.

This Service Action involves E46 M3 coupe/convertible vehicles with S54B32 engines which were produced from February 12, 2001 up to May 22, 2003.

In order to determine if a specific vehicle is affected by this Service Action, it will be necessary to utilize the "Service Menu" of the DCS (Dealer Communication System). Based on the response of the system, either proceed with the corrective action or take no further action.

The Chassis Number Ranges listed below are only for informational purposes and are not to be considered as the only deciding factor.

Chassis Number Range

M3 convertible
EX20040 - EX24999
PK00000 – PK03913

M3 coupe
JR10051 – JR23641

In the affected vehicles, replace the connecting rod bearings. Reprogram DME control module
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