Howdy folks, I've got 2x M54B25 engines I built to abuse with boost in a project I no longer have time to finish or work on.


Maxpeeding Rods
Beefier stock pistons - i think these are from M52 ? see pictures.
timeserted block
ARP head studs
ARP main studs
safety-wired oil pump nut
rebuilt vanos
upgraded oil drain valve
everything cleaned and spotless inside
oil drain bung on the oilpan.
both have auxilary electric oil pumps (one in the picture is a cesna aircraft pre-oiler that builds 80 psi pressure)

the two engines are identical inside - same rods/same pistons, externally, they differ a bit
the turbo setup in the pictures will mate up to a modified stock exhaust that would also come with this

these are local pickup only, in NJ, 07728.

PM me with questions, price is negotiable. I want these things gone as I have no motivation to work on this anymore (new house, kids growing, etc)

I've got the chassis these were going to go into - a black 2000 323i RWD wagon if anybody is interested in most of the whole package. I'll be posting a thread on that as well.