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Recently got a BMW 318i from 1999 with LPG on it, in mint condition as far as interior and engine goes with the milage it has on it. The paint is slightly dented here and there, but nothing problematic as far as i am concerned. A top notch car and drives very nicely too.

What struck me, after getting some info from this site and quite a few others, was that nobody seemed to have noticed or cared about the absence of a rear wiper on this model. I have searched far and wide, but there is none available on my car, not even an indication of something which might feel like it should have been there somehow. It however does have the 5.3 liter washer fluid.

At higher speeds the wind does blow the water off quickly, but it remains dirty at times. The water being blown off only gets working at around 75 kilometers per hour.

Anyone able to tell me if that's factory work and/ or that somebody has DIY-ed one on it somehow (preferrably with pictorial guide and some way to add a nozzle of some sort)
Would love to hear.

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