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Rear spring question

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2005 330ci. 2820 lbs. Track car and some street

I have the TC Kline single adjustable shocks with 500 and 700 lb springs. 30mm front sway bar. Stock rear sway bar. I want to go up on my spring rates, front and rear.

TC Kline carries a 650 LB front spring, but the 700 LB rear spring is the highest he carries.

Spec E46 use 750 and 850.

Without having to change the rear struts and beefing up the strut towers, where can I find higher rated rear spring that fit the stock location?

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any reason you don't want to just run a spec46 style set up - upper and lower perch adapter for the spec 2.25" springs? (aside the cost all added up ha)
Only asking because this was my future plan when I go to the next level and also didn't want to run a true rear coil over
The biggest reason was the cost of four new MCS struts. I'm thinking the Spec E46 guys beef up the rear shock tower for the extra load, which is more money.
I could have said that better - use your current TC shocks, but just convert the OE spring to a 2.25" using new upper and lower perch in the stock location

Gotcha. I have the Vorshlag rear spring adjustable perches, but they are not articulating. I'll have to look and see what spring size they use. Also, I have the metal plates that sandwich between the arm and perch.

Maybe I start with the upper perch, but I need to think about spring heights first
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I ordered all of the parts I needed to go with 750/850 from Morehead Speed Works today.

I don't know if I have enough time to install them before the next track event on 6/9, but hope to get them installed soon.
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