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Hi All,

First of all, i wanted to say that i have searched this forum for something similar but i failed to find anything so i decided to ask a question hoping that somebody can help me.

I am trying to convert my manual rear windows to electrical power windows.

I have ordered the following parts:

1 x Rear left side motor - 67628362066
1 x Rear right side motor - 67628362065
1 x Electric window lifter rear LEFT - 51358212099
1 x Electric window lifter rear RIGHT - 51358212100
1 x Central Console Trim with rear controls - 51167052062
1 x Window Lifter Switch - Driver Side - 61318381518
1 x Window Lifter Switch - Passenger Side - 61318381514
2 x Rear Lifter Switch - 61316902174

I haven't ordered a GM5 module as i don't know if it's high or low (most probably low) but i figured i'd leave that the last.

Last Sunday i wanted to put all the parts inside so i unmounted the rear left door panel and before doing anything i searched for the cable that would go to the electric motor but i couldn't find it.

I did a little digging on the internet and using my VIN number on i got this part number of the rear door cable harness: 6112691308.

Apparently it appears to be just of for both manual and electric power windows but my true question is: Should this be just one cable or are there different harnesses ?
I need to mention that i also have an airbag fitted so i don't know if i should search better for that cable in the car or if i have the correct cable, as on realoem there is no distinction of cables between manual and power windows.

Also, another question would be, if there truly are different harnesses, do i also need to change the cable that goes from the door pillar to to GM5 (or atleast i think it goes to the GM5)?

Has anyone attempted a retrofit like this, or are you aware of any tutorials out there that i could follow?

If i'm successful, i'll also post a retrofit tutorial here to help the future dudes that may have this question as well.

Thank you and looking forward in hearing from you guys.

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Most of the rest of the world had no idea that you could even GET an E46 with manual windows!

If it's like the previous models, there is a separate window harness that populates into the
door connector. It'd be separately bundled wires, with loose pins on it.
Body side, you're likely to need the same thing...

... it seems to me, at this point in the model's life, that you'd be far better
off to find a wrecked one at the junkyard. These parts are eye- wateringly expensive
to order new, given that they are usually thrown out with a scrap car.

Good luck!


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OP does not reside in the US. For E46’s outside the US it is common to have no rear power windows so they can sell for a cheaper price. 4-cyl engines were also offered in other parts of the world.

As far as I know the wiring for rear power windows is not present in your car. You will need to add wires from the window switches to the general module. Add wire from fuse 71 to the general module. Add wires from each door connector to the general module and add wires from the motors to the door. connector. Then editing the VO and then coding the new/used general module to the car per the VO. Your current general module I can almost guarantee is not built to control rear power windows. It might be easier to sell this car and buy another with power windows.

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Hi everyone,
Thanks for the replies!
I ordered from some scrap junkyard some rear cables harnesses and i will start installing them car(probably this weekend) because where would the fun in retrofitting be if i would just sell the car and buy a new one with power windows?

I hope to have some time to post either a video or some pictures of the process if anyone would be interested in the future.

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