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I have 2 Japanese BMW magz from several months ago. These magz led me to finding out about 3D design lip,
which gave me an image of how I wanted my custom front lip to be.

It was raining this afternoon and I cancelled out my plan to take my car out for a spin, didn't wanna make the car dirty :p
Instead I re-read the JP magz and took pictures of interesting things to share with you guys fellow fanatics. :thumbsup:

I figured many of you would have no idea of the existence of some parts here.
Sorry for low quality images taken with camera, I didn't scan them because I don't want to ruin the magazines.

Here are the pictures:

BMW Mag cover, see E46 3Series MASTER BOOK :read:

Quantum E60, I think it looks okay other than the "busy" holes at the bottom of front bumper

E46 Japanese Bible :p

Carefully opening the pages :eek:

Lots of small pics here
We're thankful to you for all BMW lovers

Spit.ze bodykit

Garbino Mtech2 lip and ducktail

NKB bodykit

I think this is replacement M3 mirror base used to retrofit OEM M3 mirrors on sedans???
Somebody understand Japanese? I tried going to end.cc but it seems the domain is for sale :(


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Varis products

They have quite a few products for E46 M3:
lightweight CF hood, cooling CF hood, front lip,rear diffuser, CF trunk, front under diffuser, some type of rear under diffusers
Quite a lot of CF for CF king and Carbon man to compete over

1 full page showing Varis cooling CF hood and Varis front lip

Next page

zooming in, see the front and rear under diffusers, different angles of the cooling CF hood

See the underside of the trunk and the hood, CFs :drool:

Varis 1 page Advertising

zooming in

more pics

see the pic at the bottom for installed front under diffuser

Pics from Varis website http://www.varis.co.jp/

Hanging E46 M3 hoods and under diffusers

Excuse an E90

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Browsing Japanese websites

After I read the magazines, I browsed http://www.parts.co.jp and run a search for " BMW E46" on the quick search box. You can do the same :thumbsup:
WARNING: A lot of silly mirrors :rofl:

I was interested in getting this grill to match my silver headlight trim.
What do you guys think? Get this or black out my headlight trim?


There was also an interesting HID projector fogs I found from the magazine.
I wonder if they would fit and look good on E46 with the "WOSS HID" writing removed/painted. Maybe a bit ricey... :hmm:

Here's the link and picture:



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The words indeed say "M3 Mirror adaptor". Not sure if that means its for sedans though.

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More of Spit.ze

Link to sellers

On the magazine, next to the spit.ze pics, there are ibher design kit pics, I didn't post it because I think somebody did post up their cosmic kit below

Link to seller, apparently they have normal kit and widebody kit
(I doubt anyone wants this though)

Then I found out about an even worse kit they made called tarchon

Maybe you know already...:dunno:

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Please note that the magazines actually have a lot more items, including Hamann, ACS, Hartge, Lumma, etc. BUT they are common, that's why I didn't bother posting them up. I only posted items that aren't very popular enough for everybody to know.

There are also lots of other items. Intakes, pulleys, spark plugs, other performance parts, suspension parts, exhausts, brake parts, lighting parts, interior parts, wheels, accessories, etc.
If you want to know more about something other than the ones posted, just let me know, and I'll post up. For example: You want to know more suspension options other than KW, Koni, H&R, Bilstein and Eibach, then I'll tell you that CROSS also makes suspension and exhausts for E46; 3D design also makes suspension kits for BMWs (apparently outsourced to Ohlin's). There are also some more names like D2, Impact, etc.

And AGAIN here's the 3D design lip for mtech2, in case you miss my previous threads

They have nice items.
cool stuff
nice, unique pieces FTW!!!!!!!!!!!
There sure are some interesting items

Damn!!!! that Garbino mtech2 lip is sick....anymore info on it?
got some more info, check previous posts

The words indeed say "M3 Mirror adaptor". Not sure if that means its for sedans though.
Anymore E46 require adaptor for m3 mirrors? :hmm:

+1 on the garbino
i'd rock that for sure :drool:
I'll be waiting :4ngie:

that lip on the m3 looks like the vorsteiner gts3 lip

i wonder who made it first
I am also wondering; is it a coincidence that they have vented hood, CSL diffuser and CSL trunk? Varis' short is VRS, how would you shorten Vorsteiner's name? I would say VRS too :hmm:

nice stuff. some of those kits would definitely look better on japanese cars though
The irony is that the Nasty stuffs are apparently made by european tuner

hehe.... I am being productive today :p

that m3 lip on the white one is sweet
It is, just a bit too edgy for me though

some of those are HIDEOUS
What's with the caps? :p

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In this pic, notice the S in Red box and the T in Green box, under the Title M3 Mirrors Adaptor. I got it confirmed, there are legends in the magazine, the S stands for Sedan and the T stands for Touring. Other symbols are C for coupe, Ti for compact and another Kanji letter for something else, including M3.

With this finding, I can confirm that this item is M3 mirrors replacement base for sedan and touring. My OEM M3 mirrors also installed with custom replacement base.
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