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rattle from transmission

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hello to all first post here. recently swapped my transmission and put a new clutch, lightweight flywheel, throw out bearing and release bearing. i’m hearing a rattle from the transmission but unsure of what it is. used a different release bearing from the one that was in the clutch kit that i bought but not if it’s that that could be causing the noise. when engaging clutch noise goes away and returns when clutch is disengaged.E46 M3 tranny noise . any input would be appreciated.
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If you rev the car to 900RPM, does the sound go away? If so, I'm almost certain that it is the lightweight flywheel causing the rattle. They are known for that.
I will try it out later and get back to you on that.
It's normal if you are using a lightweight flywheel.
My car does the same.
I'm not aware of any solutions apart from raising the idle rpm.
Maybe some different oil ? But not sure how this could help...
the cheap clutch/flywheel kits are always out of balance and they make ALOT of noise. spend the extra $100 and get them balanced by a machine shop. they will balance the pressure plate and flywheel together. But otherwise yes normal
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