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I am struggling to isolate an issue with my radio and need some help.

When I cold start my car the radio volume fluctuates from normal to zero for the first ~15 minutes. During that time the radio cuts in and out with lots of static. After 15 minutes, there is a minute when the issue improves slightly and then almost instantaneously the sound goes from mediocre to perfect.

During this 15 minutes other audio sources like navigation and bluetooth connected phones work flawlessly (so I don't think this is a speaker issue / loose speaker wire).

The problem is unaffected by movement or location. (If the car warms up in my driveway the same events occur.)

The issue occurs whether or not the antenna is on the car. (Its a vert so I thought that could be the cause.)

I explored the possibility that the speed controlled volume was the cause, so I turned it all the way down and saw no improvement.

The firmware in the car is up to date.

Any ideas whats going on / how to fix this? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks guys.
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