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I had a few hours to kill yesterday so I went out to take a few snaps of my car. I recently added my rear 5mm H&R spacers, macht schnell studs, and Muteki neo-chrome lugs which I picked up from Julius @ WSTO.


· Eurowerkz Midwest
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Thanks for the comments everyone!

I love it. Just relocate a couple stickers, they're pretty loud

Nice pictures too. ;)

Future plans?
They aren't staying on Alec. As far as future plans, some go fast parts and a few more exterior parts next year. Nothing more this year, well, maybe tint.

The studs conversion looks great Chad. They stick out prefectly
Thanks Doug. I agree. The studs don't stick out thru the lugs which I am happy about. I am glad I went for the Muteki lugs since they are a bit longer than the Project Kics I was looking at.
fockin nice

fashion exhaust tips out of red bull cans :eeps:
Hmmm...now you got me thinking. LOL Don't think I could do that.
ride looks awesome bro! :thumbsup:
Thanks Jon
Lookin sick Chad!!!
Thanks Mikey! I like the new sig...mmmmm STI
I like it a lot. It is possible to update the tails to the facelift style?
Yes, its a possible upgrade. Not sure exactly what it would take but others have done it. I may have to update them if I go with the trunk I want.
Thanks James

one more pic:

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